Helpful Info


We recommend 1ml (approx a dropper full) per day to start for all ages and weights.

Do not exceed 5ml per day

Adjust based on preference.

For optimal absorption use sublingually (under the tongue).


Asher's Oil has a "earthy" taste.

Similar to herbal tea or wheatgrass. For people with sensitive pallets you can add some stevia for a sweeter flavor or "hide it" in pudding, smoothies, or yogurt. Utilizing gelatin caps can also be helpful! 


Asher's Oil is a holistic support supplement and does not claim to treat or cure any specific illness or disease. However published research has shown that components found in broad spectrum hemp like terpenes, cannabiniods,  and chlorophyll work synergistically to address conditions such as pain, stress response, inflammation, and certain neurological conditions.


Asher's Oil was created as an affordable option for those wishing to try a holistic supplement in their daily routine.

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